Thursday, August 4, 2016

Back to School Roundup- Helping make those first few weeks easier.

Hello August! If you haven't started back to school in your area, you will soon. We go back Aug 29th, well technically, I go back a week early.

Did ya'll know that I also work in a Middle School? Yep, I work in the cafeteria and it is really the perfect job. I get to work after kids are in school and, I am always off to pick them up.

Check out your school system, maybe they are hiring. It's a blast.

I have put together a roundup of some post to help you prepare for the hustle and craziness, that comes with going back to school.

I think kids crave routine to a point, I know I do. 

Hope all of you get settled in soon, with your sanity intact. 
Check out how a few fellow bloggers will help you get started.

The Speckled Goat

 The Speckled Goat-  covers how to thrive in survival mode. 

From Overwhelmed to Organized

Queen of my Castle 3
I offer a free printable to keep everyone on track for supplies.

I know back to school brings very early mornings, lunch packing. car pooling, conferences and a string of other responsibilities, but if we are organized, don't you feel a little more prepared.

Happy Back to School!

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