Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Canon EOS Rebel t5 DLSR Camera

I have been dreaming of the day when I could get a new camera, and that day came recently. 

For years now, I have taken pictures with my IPhone or IPad and that has been ok. 

 I felt I needed something better and this is what I got. "Insert Angels singing here please".

Canon EOS Rebel t5 DSLR

It came with two lens, a bag and a strap and some editing software. 

I jumped right into reading the manual, sorry I just read the manual first when I get something new. 

Some folks are not instruction readers, I am!

My daughter Ella and I headed out yesterday in the very hot, hot Southern sun to play with my new 

camera and all of it's features.

Please put a UV filter on your camera to protect it from the suns dangerous rays.

 I only discovered a few features because the heat was unbearable. 

Here are a few of the first pics taken with my new baby that I hope to have years of fun with.

Our fish bubbles

A chair at Hebrews Coffee shop

I love this picture and how it fades the background

Ella took this pic of me after I was out in the burning sun. 

Yea I know I look rough, but it's ok!

Downtown Mooresville

Ella & Taz(my girlfriend Peggy's dog)

Ella, she is going to be a heartbreaker


July issue of BH&G!

I feel like each time I use my camera will be a learning session for sure.

Have any tips or tricks for me and how to use my new camera??

 I would love to hear them.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kids Cook with Ella-Making Cake Pops

Today, we headed to the kitchen for some baking time. 

We used the Cake Pop machine, and you can find yours here at  Hobby Lobby.

Be patient when using the cake pop machine, as it can take some practice to get the right 

amount of batter for the perfect cake pop.

Have fun!