Friday, April 17, 2015

Meeting the President-Part 2

From the perfectly placed books that are all about family, on the shelves behind
 The Presidential podium, to the music(mostly light Pop and country-Only in America by Brooks & Dunn) that's being played, its all a well laid plan.

Media is positioned behind the crowd with large cameras. As a local girl,  I have seen several media folks that I have followed over the years and didn't miss my opportunity to snap a pic with them.

I mean would I really be a responsible over picture taker blogger, in I didn't! 

I'm a visual person and pictures explain my stories.
Me & Dave Wagner of WCNC TV

Dave Wagner for WCNC 

Mark Becker Channel 9 News

Mark Becker for Channel 9

News Media waiting for Presidents arrival

I feel like a kid in a candy store and really can't stop smiling, I am so honored.

The lights in this room are massive and many, I mean they are bright and I am loving how they are making my skin look.

So I spot a guy hanging around in the crowd over to the side. But what caught my attention is what he was wearing. He had on a Banshee Rigging Crew Tee.

Corey Skipper, Banhsee Rigging Crew

Banshee, well parts of this show, were filmed in Mooresville and we saw these guys around town all the time using these massive lights to light the set of Banshee.

Corey was responsible for the large lights for the President as well. Thanks Corey for letting me talk your ear off. Glad to hear your a home town guy also.


 FBI guys hang in the wings wearing dark suites and clear ear pieces. 

They barely speak unless spoken too, must be part of the job.

Johnson & Wales Woman's Basketball Team

Women,men, children, a Vet and the Women's Basketball Team from Johnson & Wales
  are in attendance. 

It's a small crowd of maybe 125 people of all walks of life. Pinch me.

Chatter is going on in the crowd and excitement feels the air as you hear phones dinging with the 

news, the President has landed in Charlotte. 

As I read the news on my phone, I get a lump in my throat thinking that very shortly, I will be seeing 

in person, The President of the United States.

A voice comes over the speaker shortly after and announces that we will be getting started so, please 

silence all cell phones and devices.

 Everyone rushes to do this, cause really no one wants a phone going off in the middle of the 

President speaking.

More FBI guys gather at a curtain that hangs the just behind the podium, you can tell something big 

is about to happen.

Stayed tuned for I am saving the best for last! 

#ObamaTownHall #ChangingWomansLifes

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meeting the President of the United States-Part 1

I was honored and thrilled to find out that thru BlogHer, I would be allowed to attend the Town Hall 

meeting in Charlotte. This is just a glimpse with lots more to come and some really cool details of 

how things go when Mr. Obama is in Town.
People waiting in the rain for doors to open to see the President

 Lots of people waited in the rain for the doors to open. 

Lisa Stone of SheKnowMedia

Lisa Stone of SheKnowsMedia speaking

My ticket to see the President

The ticket that got me into the Town Hall Meeting. I only got the day before.

Selfie with the President

Look here Mr. President. 

I did have my official picture taken by White House photographer, but it will be mailed. 

What a beyond great day! More coming about it all in Part 2 so please stay tuned.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Grilled Kielbasa with Onions

I love the warmer weather! 

I enjoy being outside all day and soaking up as much fun as possible.  

With the warmer weather comes grilling season, Yes!!

My favorite, simple and go to quick meal is Grilled Kielbasa.

Grilled Kielbasa with onions

The little hand of my daughter Ella as she slices the Kielbasa

Grilled Kielbasa with onions

Toss the Kielbasa, a chopped onion, a dash of olive oil and some seasonings into a foil wrapper and 

close tightly, put it on the grill and in about 15 minutes the most delicious food will be waiting. 

I add Burgers, Hot Dogs or just a simple Baked Potato to the grill for a yummy dinner. 

Anything I can do that will keep me outside longer and not in the house behind a stove, I am up for!