Thursday, January 29, 2015

Buttercream Frosting and 10th Birthday cupcakes

My daughters 10th Birthday is approaching and I made her cupcakes. My problem for a 

longtime is I have wanted to make my own buttercream frosting. 

I was scared I couldn't do it,

why I had delayed such a wonderful 

experience is beyond me. 

I thought it may be hard or complicated in some way, 

I mean ya'll know how yummy  buttercream frosting can be. 

Since I have been having lots of 1st lately, I thought 

I would give it a try and I nailed it!! Insert angels singing here and me high five'n myself. 

Speaking of 1st, this is my daughter Ella's first time sifting powdered sugar. She loved it.

I baked the cupcakes and hollowed out the center to insert yes, more buttercream frosting.

I think you could fill with anything that you wanted, raspberry cream, jelly, M & M's. 

Here the cupcakes all iced with the most perfect buttercream frosting I have ever made. 

I loved how the frosting kept its consistency and shine like a gold star. 

I applied two layers of sprinkles and 

Voila, lets eat.

When you make the buttercream frosting, it will be all white and a basic flavor. 

You can add flavors and colors to you're liking. 

My daughter loves pink so this is 

the frosting going from white to pink, isn't it pretty??

I flipped lots of pages in my Mom's cookbooks, looking for this recipe

 that my Aunt Emily had used years ago.

 Now go to your kitchen and don't be afraid to make some buttercream frosting. 

I may never buy store bought frosting again.

Buttercream Frosting

1 Cup Unsalted Butter, softened to the texture of Ice Cream
3 to 4 Cups Confectioners Sugar,Sifted
1 Tablespoon Vanilla
1/4 Teaspoon table salt
4 Tablespoons Milk or Whipping Cream

Beat Butter for a few minutes with a mixer using the paddle attachment, on medium speed. Add the 3 cups powdered sugar and turn to low speed to keep sugar from flying out. Keep on low and mix sugar and butter together. Increase speed to medium and add vanilla, salt and milk or cream and beat for 3 minutes. If the frosting needs to be stiff and remaining sugar. If the frosting needs to be thinner add more milk, 1 tablespoon at a time.

Good Luck at all your 1st times!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NC Camping Show

I recently attended the Rv/Camping show in Charlotte, Wow did I have fun. For those of you that 

don't know me, I have an obsession with campers & camping. So, this was right up my alley with

thousands of the most expensive motorhomes to affordable little tiny teardrop campers. 

So be patient and sit back and enjoy a few of the pictures I took while at the show.

 The Camping show was held at The Park Expo in Charlotte and it was 3 very 

large buildings packed to the brim with all kinds of camping goodies.

Most of the high end campers had a fireplace and widescreen Tv's, 

I loved the homey feel it creates.

Interior camper lighting

Trendy lighting was making it's share of appearances too!

Shasta Camper

I know I have blogged about the Shasta and my love for this baby but, 

while at the show I got to see 

the yellow one in person. You can read about my Shasta crush here.

All sorts of Pop Up campers with the basics to every luxury.

Kitchens have really come along way in campers. This one has a gas stovetop and subway tile 

backsplash, with granite counters.

More widescreen TV's and fireplaces. Lots of built in storage.

Dyson vacuum

Some even had a Dyson vacuum built into the camper. Check out the cedar lined closet too.

Full size stainless steel fridge. I mean some of these campers/RV's I would have to live in 

because I couldn't afford a house.

This RV would set you back about $200K.

Ella & I were tired of walking so we found a place to rest. 

 I think if you gotta rest, you might as well do it in "style"

Reclining leather sofas, of yes!!

This is my favorite. It simple and keeps the rain off your head and it doesn't cost so must that I may 

have to sell a kidney to pay for. The cool thing about this one is the bunk beds to the rear to the left. 

Very nice for a small family.

The "New" Winnebago Motorhome. 

It looks very retro on the outside but inside, 

its all trendy and updated

Inside of the Winnebago

Check out this faucet. Very nice.

Well Thank you for stopping by and hope these pics inspire you to load up the kids and go camping. 

I camped while growing up and maybe that's were I get the love of camping from. But you don't have 

to spend a bundle of cash to have fun, as you see. 

You can go with the basics or with more luxury than The Ritz, your choice.

Happy Camping!!