Saturday, December 12, 2015

Simple Hand Scrub with Gift Jar

Have you ever been in a restaurant bathroom and noticed that hand scrub they keep at the sink?

Well, I have and it feels so good on my hands especially in cold months. 

I decided to make some this year for gifts for my friends. 

I really do prefer a handmade gift over store bought, it just seems more personal.

Handmade Hand Scrub

Coconut Oil 

Epsom Salts

Essential Oils

Mix oil and salt together until all is mix well then add a few drops of essential oils.

It really is that simple to make. If you buy the coconut oil in the jar you will need to heat in the microwave for a short time to melt down.

Now on to the cute jars that hold the scrub.

This is the coconut oil melted

Remove lid from jar and hot glue a ribbon on one side

I also cut out a piece of cardboard to cover the glued ribbon on the underside of the lid.

 I just forgot to snap a pic.

Run over top of lid and glue to the opposite underside

I used letters of my girlfriends names for my jars

Done! Easy and fast gifts but still handmade and fun

Hope you are making this Christmas a handmade one too!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Visiting Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC

If you love history,historic buildings & homes, then Old Salem is the place for you to visit.

 I went there on a field trip and I enjoyed every minute. 

I took lots of pics so, please forgive me but, I hope you enjoy the trip thru my eyes.

Sorry the pictures are in no specific order.

Heritage Bridge from visitors center into Old Salem

Simple Christmas decor is used to decorate Old Salem and I like it this way.


Is this bedroom dreamy or what?

The simple decorations of magnolia leaves and fruit. I think this is going to be my theme this year.


Church Doors

Private residence

I love the curve roof and light

Desk in Salem Tavern

White picket fences and cute vines adorn the town

The clock repair shop.

Kitchen in Tavern

I could make this kitchen work for me

Main Street of Old Salem

Moravian Cookies

I brought home Ginger and Sugar in hopes of having some as dessert for Thanksgiving, I don't see that happening now. I ate most of the sugar cookies on the ride home. 

A private heirloom garden, I see a spring trip in the works to see this in full bloom

Another private home

If you live here you have to abide by the historic society rules, nothing modern on the front of your 

home and also be understanding with crazy people like me, and hundreds more stand outside your 

home and take pictures as we ooooh and ahhhh! 

Rosemary and lambs ear blooms along the brick sidewalks

Shultz Shoemaker shop

Organ in Single Brothers house

More white picket fences and stone in a yard

The fireplaces are massive 

This is the place to stop for the Moravian Cookies and other yummy baked goods.

Wood floors are in every house and building. Some in better shape than these but still stunning

If you want to stay one night or a few nights, stop by Zevely Inn Bed & Breakfast

How cool would it be to wake up here and take your morning coffee and stroll the streets on an early morning? I think it would be very cool.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and can get by Old Salem on your next adventure. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Veterans Day Parade 2015

I am running very late on this post for Veterans Day, enjoy the pics and Thank a Vet anytime of the year, not just Veterans Day!

I was so happy to have my Dad, John and Charlie who are all Vets attend the parade with us.

The kids enjoyed waving flags and hanging out and for a Nov day, the weather was amazing.

Some of the cool cars along the parade route

Vets marched and some rode in cars

Taylor & Nick enjoying the parade

Sorry for the brief coverage but, it was a great day!

Thank you Vets!

Monday, September 21, 2015

How I converted a 7 x 14 trailer into a very cool camper!

If you are just joining me on this whirl wind journey of remodeling a trailer into a camper. 

Check out this post for some background on the before and during remodel here.

This is my kitchen area. Yea I know it's not a large space but, it has all I need to camp in comfort.

This small space was kinda a pain to configure because of the v nose. 

I stayed awake a few nights working out space configurations in my head to make all this work.

 I did finally get a fridge/freezer, microwave, DVD player and a TV into this space.

I went with an 18 inch cabinet to allow for everything to fit.

I still need to make the curtains for under the sink area to hide the pipes but, 

haven't found a fabric that I just love.

I used a sea foam chalk paint to add some color because,  the rest of the camper is white.

We came a long way in a very short amount of time. This entire transformation took about 1 month.

I had a plan to go camping in this camper for Labor Day weekend and I achieved that goal. 

I have only 7 X 14 ft to work in and I packed everything I wanted in that space.

This is the back gate folded down and the couch that is also used as a bed. 

Underneath, I put lots of storage for all the "stuff" I need while camping.

I covered the cushions in a fabric that is easy to remove and clean if needed.

It only took 3 yards to cover both cushions.

Here is where I got the idea for the cushions. 

The back gate has some stands to allow it to be level and sit outside on a nice night.

I am in the process of trying to find a way to hang the TV outside off the back.

What would a camper be without some cute decor.

This is the full size bed that folds up and the table hangs on it while being transported.

Rope lighting was installed from the back to the front of the trailer on both sides and the ceiling.

I took a trip to Ikea and got some of the cute storage things they had and they work great.

More Ikea storage 

On our first camping trip to Lakewood Campground in Myrtle Beach, Ella added this magnetic shell holder to our fridge.

This is my version of incorporating the past into my camper. 

I camped in a 1972 Shasta most of my years growing up. 

This is the pump sink out of that camper. 

My Dad went to his building and dug it out for me. 

Yes, this made me cry. I am very sentimental in my old age.

I found a sink mat at Camping World and cut it down to fit this bar sink. 

I went with a bar sink because,  really it was the only thing that would fit in here and still allow me to 

have the pump sink from the Shasta installed into it.

This is from the back looking inside. 

The table comes down as needed and then stores back in place 
for more floor room.

 The table top will be painted or  something in time also.Maybe covering it with old road maps?

 In time, I want to add large pillows to the back of the couch but, once again I haven't found anything that fits my need. 

The beach towel had to go into this camper because my favorite to things are the beach and camping. 

A shelf was built to hold the TV but, it comes down during travel. It's nice to pop in a DVD and just hang after a long day.

This roller cart is where everyones clothes go. 

You take the drawer in  the house, pack your clothes in it and return it to the camper. 

I love my trailer/camper conversion the way it turn out.

A few of my favorite things are....

the flooring, love the floor

the color of the cabinets and the pop of color it gives me

the lights lit up at night time are really cool too.

I had these plans wrote down long before I got this trailer so, I am sure that's why things went so fast. 

I had dreamed of this for a long, long time and it felt so good to make my dream a reality.

Hope you enjoyed the journey, the very quick journey from start to finish.

I have a few more things to do and some things I need to revamp to fit my needs.