Saturday, January 3, 2015

Easy Spinach Dip

My Family loves Spinach Dip, and on the days like we have had recently, wet, cold & rainy, 

this is a great snack to have around.



  • 1 box (10 oz.) frozen chopped spinach, cooked, cooled and squeezed dry
  • 1 container (16 oz.) sour cream*
  • 1 cup Duke's Mayonnaise
  • 1 package Knorr Vegetable recipe mix
The Knorr package calls for onions and water chestnuts but, my family doesn't eat, so I leave out.


Combine all ingredients and chill about 2 hours. Give the dip a good stir each time you start to eat, cause it can get a little runn

 After I thaw cook my spinach I drain really good.

This is the sour cream, mayo, spinach and Knorr dip mix in a big bowl.

Here is the spinach dip mixed and ready to chill for a few hours. Hope your family enjoys as much as 

mine does.

Happy Snacking!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Shasta gets a new old look. Bringing the Shasta Camper back for a limited time!

I'm sure everyone is aware that retro campers are all the rage right now. They are being turned in to 

the cutest little campers for families to enjoy all over again, just like the old days. 

 Drum Roll please- Shasta is rolling out 1,941 

Reproduction Shasta Airflyte campers.

 Recently, I laid my eyes on this gorgeous beauty, I thought from afar "Wow"someone did a great

                                        remodel job, but wait, its the new Shasta Airflyte.

The Shasta Company will only be remaking 1,941of these campers, to mark the 75th Anniversary of 

the company started in 1941. 

 They will come in Seafood Green, Buttercup Yellow and Matador Red.

LED Lighting reproduced to look like the original Shasta gas lamps, this time they are using the classy Edison Bulbs.

The interior has Birch cabinets with chevron cabinet pulls.

Black & White checkerboard flooring

Jalousie Windows-which are louvered glass panels often seen in storm doors or enclosed porches

As no detail has been left out they also included the reproduction birch Shasta magazine rack.

New modern mechanicals and plumbing are also some upgrades, since the older models came out.

Tin Can experts say, that it's about 90% reproduction of the older Shasta. 

                                         Sticker price is going to be between 15,000-17,000

     I have been camping since I was a little girl in the Shasta above. My parents would

                                          pack up us 3 kids  and themselves and off we would go.

                                         I spent many nights with my family just hanging out,

                      riding my bike and  sleeping in this Shasta, it is still in my family today.

So, I hold the Shasta close to my heart, and feel I don't have a childhood memory that doesn't include

                                                             these fabulous campers.

Happy Camping Ya'll!!


Some of the information used in this post was from Retro Renovation

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 What a Year it has been!!

I finally got a new computer, can you say "Amen" I sure can, So you should start seeing more of me. Yea You! I needed to free up some space on my phone since I have had not place to put my pictures, they have just been sitting there waiting to be saved.

As I scrolled thru my pictures, all 2382 of them. I felt like I was living my year all over again. I saw some fun times, sad times and even though its not all perfect its my life and for that I am blessed.  I don't take myself very serious, and these pics reflect that.

I climbed a very tall mountain to see this beautiful waterfall. It was worth the climb and you could say it took my breath away, cause I was gasping for air towards to the top.

I spent a bunch of good times with my girlfriends Missy, Windy & Peggy. We spent every Friday night together cheering on our Mooresville Blue Devil Football team. 

I made some new crafts that I had been seeing around but really hadn't thought I could make, this is the 1st stuffed Owl I made. Not to Shabby.

I love quotes, I have hundreds of them but this year this one has stuck out to me in the most. What if I fly?? What if you fly?? As my Momma says, "Dream big it doesn't cost a penny extra."

Maybe my largest goal was to learn how to cook really good chicken wings for my son, Nailed It!! I think its the perfect mixture of BBQ Sauce and honey and cooked at the right temp. Low & slow.

And lastly, my life was filled with music proved by Daniel and the Pride in Motion Marching Band.  We always sit by the band and dance as if no one is watching, we don't care if they are.
Many other things happened but this is just the readers digest version of my 2014.

Happy 2015 Ya'll!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My New MacBook Air

I'm back!! Yes the computer Santa did stop by my house with a beautiful new MacBook Air and it is Sweet!! Thanks Santa.  You can read in this post here about how I came to need a new computer. I'm learning my way around the new computer but not much has changed since I left. So, Thank you for being patient and sticking by me thru this issue. 

Like I said before, I am not really a rules kinda girl, never have been, but today I will be making a sign that says, "Please no food or drink near my computer".

Have a great day Ya'll! I am off to have lunch with my girlfriends.