Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Queen!

No, I am not celebrating the Queen of England's birthday cause I have now idea when it is, Today I am celebrating mine(The Queen of my Castle). I turn 46 years old today. If I knew getting old was this fun, I would have done this a long time ago. So, this weekend I am off to a winery with my girlfriends, I will blog about it later and to have dinner in the kitchen, yes in the kitchen of my fav Italian restaurant. Oh I also have to work today and pick up kids and cook dinner and do all that other normal Mom stuff, But I will do it with a little extra sparkle and pep in my step.


                                                                            Happy Birthday to me!!!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rainbow loom bandwagon

I think I am a crafty person, I mean when I walk in a craft store I feel right at home and confident that I can handle most any craft. But that was until I got my 8 year old the Rainbow Loom kit. You know that they are all the rage right now. I think they may last as long as beanie babies or silly bands but while they are hot, we are jumping on the wagon and making some.

I bought the kit a Michaels and you can't use your coupon for these so out the door it's going to run you around $16. The kit comes with the loom, a mixture of rainbow color little rubber bands and a hook thingy, oh and instructions(if you can call them that).

I tried several times over several days to make a simple bracelet without success. Finally, I turn to trusty You Tube and found 2 girls who explain it in perfect English and within 1 minute I had a cute one on my arm.

I thought if I am having trouble maybe others are too so follow the link and make a bunch for friends, family. This video is clear, slow and very helpful. Link at bottom of page. Here are the ones I turned out in just a few short minutes, actually 3 mins because my daughter timed me, I don't know why.

I made this one to match a dress I am wearing Saturday night to my birthday dinner.
                                                      Hope you enjoy designing all the colors of the rainbow.