Friday, October 25, 2013

Memo Board Knockoff

Let me just say, "Hello" my name is Dana and I am addicted to Hobby Lobby, whew I feel better now.  I was in the Hobby Lobby the other day for so long I am sure they thought I was casing the place. I was not, but I was looking for inspiration. And here it is,  the price tag made it look very ugly though. So, before I sold a kidney to buy it, I did the rational thing. I made my version.


Here is my version and yes I know it is not round with the houndstooth frame but, I also know it cost $9 to make and that is what matters most to me.

Start with a basic memo board. 

Give the memo board a light coat of paint. Be sure to tape of the wood edge. TIP-If you are using a darker color and a light color use the light color as your base.

After the base coat dried I reached for my handy Frog Tape Chevron Shape, if you want to see my post about that see here.

I applied my tape onto the memo board, I didn't take a picture of this step because the paint color is yellow and the tape is yellow and it was hard to see, but I think you get it.

After your tape is down really good, it is time for the top coat. I used a grey color for mine, right now I am in some grey & yellow mood. Remove tape before the paint dries, if not it will rip your pattern off and destroy the project, just trust me I know. 

And now stand back and enjoy at your masterpiece that didn't break the bank.

Happy Friday Ya'll!!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Handmade Spa Party invites

My daughter has a birthday coming up very soon, I do not want to reveal her invites for this year but, here is how they looked last year. Her party was going to held at The Great Wolf Lodge, she had 3 friends join her for the night of swimming, pizza, games and all around girl fun.

I had reserved a room that has a room within the room, just for the girls. It had 4 beds and a TV where they just hung out and enjoyed themselves. We checked in on Friday night after school and the girls got bathing suits right on and hit the pool and slides. After some swimming we came back to the room for Pizza, cake and ice cream. Then the girls went to the Arcade where more fun was had.

The next morning I made a breakfast bar for them in the room with cereal, pop tarts and fruits but, once again they wanted to swim. I think a great time was had by all, I know I had fun even though it was a lot of planning, it was fun planning.

Now lets get to the good stuff, I googled Spa Mask Template and came up with my design. I also looked over Pinterest for ideas. Heres what I came up with.

I printed the info on paper and then cut out the mask shape and glued together. I attached some shiny things around the edge to give it that girly look some more. Each mask has  ribbons that attached to them that say BFF. Then each mask got the girls initial on it. They were a big hit for setting the tone for the party.

                                       Here is what the fronts and backs looked like.
                      What will this year party be?? You never can tell but it is always fun to plan.
                                                               Party on Ya'll!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Decor

I wanted to share with you, my Fall decor and the drink cart it is based on. Recently, I was down in my Dads building, you know where he keeps everything that Dads need, lawn mowers, tools, saws, old things that I have no idea what they are. But on this day, I was looking for a piece of wood, he told me to look in the back of the building and he had a piece.

As I lifted the wood though I saw this baby, a rolling cart. It was dirty and had like 10 pieces of wood on it. When I saw the cart, I forgot about the wood I need, my only thought was to get the cart out of the shed. Here it is now in our kitchen. I decided not to paint it, I learned it was my Grandmas and I loved the character of the scratches and dings.

Decorating is the fun part with everything, I think. So here's a rundown of what got the honor of being placed on my beautiful cart.

Lets start with this lamp that I found at Dollar General for $10, love it. 

Next,is my silver Dollar store tray that I gave a coat of chalkboard paint. 

The green scale I have had forever, it was bought at a yard sale years ago for cheap. The little green topiary tree was from a friends wedding as a party favor. And the ceramic pumpkin was from my Mother In Law.

On top of the scale is the cutest spider basket that came from the Dollar store.

In the basket are plastic fruits from once again, the Dollar Store and I threw my little box of Lilly cookies in just for fun. These are not to be eaten or else!!

These bowls were my Grandma's also and they mean the world to me. I use them all the time, and think of her and miss her so much.

The basket I also bought at a yard sale for a buck, when the seller told me a buck I was like, OK!!
They hold some of my cookbooks, I have a ton of them.

And that concludes the tour of my Drink Cart/Fall Cart. Hope you enjoyed!! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anthro Knock Off Letter

These letters are all over blogland, so I knew I had to give an "M" a try. Yes, Anthro has these in stores but, the price is so high I couldn't eat for the next week if I bought one. As a true DIY'er I ran home and started my own knock off.

Go to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and get you one of those cardboard letters. I think they are like $3, then put Mod Podge all over it, then cover the letter in foil, after it dries cover your tops f the foil in more Mod Podge. It is easy and quick and really no one will ever know, that you didn't sell the farm to buy one of these cute letters.

After foil is applied

Mod Podge over foil

After Mod Podge is dry, paint. I used black and rubbed it off for more of a metal look.

What letter will you be picking up for this project? 

Have a blessed Sunday Ya'll!!