Saturday, October 19, 2013

Old Frame, New Frame

For sometime now, I have had this dated, gold frame laying around my craft room.  I decided it was time to do something with it. I know you have seen those scatter frames at Hobby Lobby and places like that, they are beyond my budget in every way. I think this one came from a yard sale ages ago, when gold frames where in style in my house.

Pretty bad, right? I went to my ever expanding spray paint collection and fixed this baby right up. I love spray paint, if I could be BFF's with spray paint, I would be a happy woman. If you have your own, way past its prime frame, at your house. Just spray paint it!!

After a spray paint job I roughed it up to give it age. Wait it was old when is started but dated old, I wanted the new old look. Yea!! Then I took some twine and stapled to the back of the frame to hang my pics on. 

Sorry for the horrible pictures, I am asking for a new camera for Christmas or my birthday, I really don't care when I get it.

Then I feel in love with chicken wire, I mean I have always loved it, but hadn't worked with it in a while.  I made this frame and put  chicken wire on it, just once again stapled to the back.

Oh,  the clothes pins were from the dollar store, just paint them or put a design on and you have a one of a kind holder.

So head out to some yard sales, checkout the cheap or reduced section at stores for your frame.

Have a great day ya'll!!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to make a Pumpkin Burlap Door Hanger

I know that you have seen these all over Pinterest and craft fairs, but I knew I could make my own, so here goes. It was pretty simple to make.

Burlap Door Hangar Supplies-

You will need burlap about a yard or two depending on what design you plan on making. I made a pumpkin and it didn't take up much.

Paint, I just used what I had on hand. I used brown & orange

Paper for pattern

Glue gun & sticks

Plastic trash bags for stuffing

Small string for hanging

First off,you need to come up with a design, you can look on Pinterest and they have plenty of samples.Once you decide on the design you need to free hand this to paper. I have had this massive roll  of paper and really not sure where it came from, but I love it for projects like this. 

Once you have cut the pattern out you will need to trace it onto the burlap using chalk because he rubs off easy. NOTE-YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE TWO SIDES-ONE FOR FRONT AND ONE FOR BACK.

Now it is time to paint the burlap. I used a small roller and it went on really nice. You can paint the back side of you pumpkin if you want to. 

Then I painted the stem brown.

I laid my pieces together when they were dry and started hot gluing around the edge. BE SURE to leave an opening where the bags will be stuffed in. After stuffed you may close the small hole. 
I stenciled on mine and this really was a total after thought but, I like it.

Attach small string to the back for hanging and enjoy.

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Making Banner Pennants

You know banners are all the rage right now. My daughters birthday is coming in January so, I thought I would make banners for her party. It is going to be on a horse farm and the mood very casual. These would be perfect. Note: Once I make something and I love it, I become obsessed, I mean like staying up all night, looking at pictures of them and dreaming of ways I can have more of my new lovelies in my life. I mean everything looks cute when you put a banner on it. This is just the type person I am, I'm just saying.

So for my very first try of banners I bought a kit that already had them laid out on the fabric. Since this time, I have found my own pattern online and used it to make hundreds,just Google DIY Pennant.

This is what I started with. The fabric was really already done, all I had to do was cut it out. Easy!! Sorry not sure what the name of this is, I threw the package away. But any craft store carries this or something similar.

I cut the banners out and matched designs to a flow that felt good to me. You can make them double sided if you want, I think it all depends on where this is going to hang.

Sorry, I know I skipped the picture about the letters and string but, really just reverse cut letters out of fabric and stick on. The twine was attached by cutting small slits in the fabric at the top of the banner. I made it pretty long and kinda like how the extra hangs over.

This banner was made to hang in my daughters room. Take a look at this post to see the banners in action.

Then I proceded to walk around my yard finding other places to put the banners. Even this old Impala looks cute.

The gate at the top of our driveway rocks this banner also. I made another one of these that stays there during certain holidays.

Here is a paper banner that hangs in my booth. This was taken before the string was attached but, you get the picture.

So thats it, easy, easy and I know that you can sew them and attach fancy ribbons and all that and trust me I have but, for a fun barn birthday party I think these are just what my Cowgirl needed.

Now go make some banners of your own Ya'll!!