Saturday, September 14, 2013

Old Motels in the NC Mountains

Sometime ago I went with my family on a camping trip to Cherokee, NC. One day while the family just hung out at the campground, I took a ride. I love to take roads I have never been on, you see the most amazing things. And I mean really, it doesn't hurt to get lost every now and then.

So, as I leave Cherokee I drive straight thru to a town called Bryson City, NC. More to come on Bryson City later. For now here is what I saw on that drive on old 74 now know as Ela Rd.

The road I took used to be the main road before the Interstate was built. This makes sense why all these old motels are on this road.

             Teddy Bear Motel located 6281 Ela Road Whittier NC, Whittier, NC 28789

How adorable is this sign?? I didn't stay there so I am not here to give a review, just happy to see they are still open today. The sign alone makes me want to stop and hang out.

Gear Head Inn 6280 Ela Rd. Whittier, NC 28789

With the quotes on the sign, how can I not love this place?? They have themed rooms to fit any type of gear head you may be. Looks like a cool place to stay with the fire pit and everything is welcoming.

Starlight Motel 8682 US 74 W. Whittier, NC 28789

You can stay in an Elvis suite with Jacuzzi, classy!! Coming a Marilyn Monroe and James Dean suites.

Arrowhead Motel(Sorry for bad quality) 

Sits back off the road but looks so inviting. Reminds of a place I stayed in the 80's with my parents, I 

am going to ask my Mom if this is it. It seems oddly familiar.

So, on your next road trip if you live in the NC area or the Mts of NC, take a ride and see what you find. 

My dream is to ride on RT 66 and if I see these kind of places on that ride, it could be a very long trip.

Happy Riding Ya'll!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Eastland Mall was a mall in Charlotte, NC. I grew up just down the street from it and always walked with my friends to it. But today, I would not let my kids walk to this mall from where our old house was located. It seemed so big and it really is but, now it is shut down, this makes me sad. 

They put on the best Christmas decorations with singing bears and snow fall. The center of the mall had an ice skating rink and this is where I learned to ice skate. My Momma always said I couldn't walk on flat ground but, put me on skates and I was a natural. 

If you lived around the Charlotte area then I am sure you have visited this mall many times. Funny thing is, I hate malls today and I can't stand to go shopping. 

I am not a typical woman as in I don't shop unless I need something, then I get in and out.

Happy Throwback Thursday Ya'll!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tough day dinner

My house has been under some serious stress lately. I am not in the mood to cook, which is odd, because I love cooking. But until I am in the mood again, Oodles of Noodles-beef is what's for dinner.

Takes me back to the days when this was all I could afford and ate them everyday. Glad those days have passed and I eat now by choice.
Hope to be back to the land of the living real soon.
Enjoy Ya'll!!


Shall we never forget what this country went thru on 9/11


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Funny sayings

I love quotes, funny quotes, sad quotes and family quotes. I just simply love quotes.

These are just a few of my favorites. I have lots of funny ones and sometimes inappropriate ones here on my Pinterest board


This one is so me. 

Too funny, I believe we all should have a Shit list.

As a very busy Mom, this would be a dream sometimes.

I was raised in the 80's when Ferris was all the rage.

I am not a size 0 but, a size 14 and I have never thought skin & bone was pretty. 

What kind of funny sayings inspire you??

Enjoy Ya'll!!