Friday, December 28, 2012

Decorating in 2013 from Country Living Magazine

What is your decorating trend in your home?? Mine is filled with things that I love, I follow no pattern or trend. My home has new things I pick up while out in a box store or a flea market, I also have pieces that belonged to my grandparents and my husbands grandparents. I want to feel comfortable and relaxed and surrounded by love at home, so for this reason I follow no trend but really love my issue of Country Living magazine which helps me incorporate, the old and the new. Check out the link below for more from Country Living.(I am not a paid sponsor or spokesperson, these are my own words and thoughts on a great magazine.)

Pantone Palette: Surface Treatments

It's not just about colors in 2013. "Earthy textures lay a new foundation for palettes of blues and greens," says color expert and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman. Ana White, author of The Handbuilt Home (due out in October; Clarkson Potter) suggests breathing new life into an existing hutch with several coats of ocean-blue paint, a move she calls noncommittal. Ground the oversize piece with lots of white ceramic objects and natural wood and wicker.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas to you and your Family from all of us here at The McCurdy House. May all your wishes come true and the true spirit of Christmas shine in your heart.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Garage door entry

I am not sure how your garage looks but, mine looks like a bomb went off in it. I really want to organize it and make it nice looking for those entering the side door, this is the door that most of our visitors use. So in the coming weeks I am going to transform it from an "eye sore" to WoW. I want to repaint the door. Add a Chalkboard/magnet wall to the area by the door and have shoe organization. What does your garage look like and how do you plan on jazzing it up to be just a little more?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunday's & Banjos

    Today this post is coming from Murrays Mill located in Catawba NC. It's the annual folk festival filled with old tractors and gospel bands and one of my favorites, The Cockman Family. As I sit here on a hay bale and fill the breeze on my face I thank God for days like this. The Cockman family's made up of all family members and they sing and play banjos, violins and a bass fiddle.

     So I am going to sit back and enjoy this lovely music and perfect day. They are playing on the porch of the old water mill with white wood and metal roof, it's gorgeous. This building sits by a lovely lake. The concert was great they featured the Butterpats and some of the children of band members. Currently on stage is the Golden Valley Crusaders for Golden Valley NC. A 6 man band with banjos, fiddles,guitars. If you get a chance check out or the Golden Valley Crusaders.


My Mommy group Lake Norman Mommies is holding it's annual Trunk or Treat this weekend and my trunk is going to be decorated as Witch Craft, with craft being the key word. Kids are going to drop by and play this cool witch hat toss game or make a craft.

This year for Halloween my kids are a witch and one has a suit that looks like he is riding an ostrich. At any rate we are going to have fun I am sure. Happy Halloween Ya'll!!

Click here to find instruction on the Witch Hat Toss

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall, decorating

Time to decorate for the Fall. I love seeing mums and pumpkins on our porch. How will you decorate for Fall??

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I am as excited as a little kid over here waiting for my girlfriends weekend to the beach. It is my friend Missy's birthday and we thought we needed a break, so here we go. See I am friends with 3 of the most amazing woman, strong, beautiful, confident and just a little sassy and we make great friends. The condo we have rented looks very nice from the pictures and we are planning on just hanging out and having "girly" drinks and loving life. And celebrating Missy's birthday in style-no kids style. We are going Oct 5-7, 2012 so come back to check out pics of our fun girls weekend.~Dana

Peggy, Me(Dana)
Missy & Windy

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DNC 2012 Charlotte, NC

Good Morning! From our home here in Concord, NC just about 30 miles from Charlotte, NC we watch as our beautiful city is transformed for the DNC Convention that hits town early next week. I am the type of mother who really likes to show the kids history in the making, even though they act totally not interested. I feel if I take them to these kind of events that someday they will remember and it will make a difference. We love history in this house, my son and I have been to Washington,DC and loved it, take the trip if you ever get the chance. So our wonderful downtown Charlotte has been shut down to car traffic so our adventure with be of taking the CATS(Charlotte Area Transit) bus into the city on Monday.

We are going for the Carolina Fest 2012 featuring some really great acts but I am only wanting to hear James Taylor I bet seeing him will be out of the question. We are also going to visit the Presidential Experience, an exhibit that has a replica of Air Force One and the Oval office. Pictures to follow if I am allowed to take them. All in all we are looking forward to a fantastic day, a bus ride will be all new to us and getting to go thru security checkpoints before entering our city. Wish us luck!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I am back!!

Long time no posting. I have not been giving my blog the attention it deserves, mainly because my computer was not working correctly. But it's fine now. All I need is to have my 13yr old work on it, he knows way more than I do for sure. It's a chilly Sunday here at our home in Concord so that is nice. At the moment my family is still sleeping and should awake soon. We are planning on taking dinner to my moms house today as every Sunday. My mom has had some falls lately and is not up for getting out. I am just happy that my hubby and son made it home from the Western Swing and have been home for a few days. Austin finished 4th Friday night at the go kart races and as any mom would do, I cried. I don't know if I cried because I was so proud or I cried because I was afraid he would get hurt. Well Ya'll have a great Sunday and Thank God  for the blessings you have, while you have them.